Ep. 274: Offbeats and Bruce

We welcome John Ward of ArbuitusFilms.com to the show to first help us remember all of the wonderful things Bruce Willis has done in this weeks Retro Round-table. With Christmas having just passed, and everyone having probably watched Die Hard during the season, it only seemed fitting to pay homage. We look over Bruce’s movie career, his work on television, and even his album from the 80’s. That’s right, get it here!

We then turn our attention to John to discuss the release of issue 3 of his comic Scratcher, as well as OFFBEATS, hitting shelves this February. It’s Tintin meets Tarantino in this 1950’s crime noir! A young man tries to save a woman from a vicious street gang, but ends up needing to be rescued by a petty crook who introduces him to a whole new world. Get your copy February 2019!

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