Ep. 281: Bad Luck with Reboots

Comic creators Alethea Van Holland and Jaxon Joubert join us this week to first help us remember the best and worst movie reboots in our Retro Roundtable. With the Child’s Play reboot trailer having just dropped, it seemed only fitting to look at films like The Fantastic Four, Power Rangers, and Halloween and try to determine if their reboots were amazing or if they fell short. Let us know your reboot pick on Facebook and Twitter!

We then turn our attention to Alethea and Jaxon to talk about their web-comic, Bad Luck. Set in an alternate 1950's America, witches, demons, and magic are real. Oliver, a bitter incubus is accidentally summoned by Ava, a very forgetful witch, as her familiar. Together, they must explore the far reaches of the world to obtain rare components to complete the ritual that would break their bond, setting Oliver free. However, their adventure doesn't come without a price. A group known as Harvesters are hunting witches like Ava down, and their leader seems to have taken an interest in the pair. Oliver and Ava must learn to work together while avoiding the Harvesters at all costs to see their journey through to the end. Go to BadLuckComic.com to check it out!

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‘Real Men’ Written and Performed by Qiet @Qiet

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