Ep. 290: Draw Me In The 70's

We welcome guest host Randy Hardenbrook and writer/musician The Riz to the show this week to first help us take a look at 70’s pop culture in the Retro Roundtable. We discuss the first decade without The Beatles, the birth of Punk Rock and video games, the premiere of a classic comic character, and the influence of the Walkman. Let us know what we forgot on Facebook and Twitter!

Then we turn our attention to The Riz to talk about the indie comic platform DrawMeInComics.com. Similar to Comixology, you can browse through multiple genres of indie comics. This website is not only great for those looking to get their work seen, but also a great place to network with other creators. Whether you have a comic you want to release, or you’re just a fan of reading them, DrawMeInComics.com is your new favorite website!

@RizMuttering @DrawMeInComics

Alien Attack Written and Performed by Ultimate Power Duo Available @ https://ultimatepowerduo.bandcamp.com/album/ultimate-power-duo-presents-the-adventure-of-space-joe-ad-astra

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