Ep. 298: The Odyssey of Remakes

Friends of the show Nicke Goode, Harry Hughes, and Luke Barnes return this week to first help us recall some of the best and worst remakes in our Retro Roundtable. We discuss how Resident Evil remakes have improved the game, what the Nightmare on Elm Street remake did for Freddy Kruger, and our fears for the upcoming Childs Play movie. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook your favorite, or least favorite, remake.

Later, Nick, Harry, and Luke talk about Odyssey, the next installment in their comic universe. Jumping far into the future away from Snow: The Dawn this lone tale is the final point in the Snow Universe. Goode & Hughes are the masterminds behind all things Snow, with Barnes having been previously brought on board to write Virtuous in The Eventide: Snow Chronicles (available on Comixology.)


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