Ep. 299: I'm Rick Jones, Beeotch!

We welcome comic creator Scott Bachmann to the show this week to first help us recall our favorite Pixar/ 3D animated films in this week’s Retro Roundtable. With Toy Story 4 just around the corner we look at the first three films, other big releases from Pixar, and moments in cinema where computer graphics didn’t quite work. Let us know what your favorite Pixar movie is on Twitter and Facebook!

We then turn our attention to Scott Bachmann and talk about the comics he has available at CorgiPress.com. In 2012, Scott Bachmann founded Scottcomics to publish his independent comics and web comics. By 2017, the Scottcomics catalog had grown increasingly diversified. In addition to comics there were illustrated books, role playing game supplements, collectible trading cards, and novels. Scott changed the title of his imprint to Corgipress, honoring his Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Odin. Be sure to back the Kickstarter for Anthony Fox Does Not Believe In Ghosts at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/corgipress/anthony-fox-does-not-believe-in-ghosts


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