EP. 313: Monster Unlike Velthaneus

Comic writer/ artist Ashley West returns to the show this week to first help us recall our favorite monsters in the Retro Roundtable. Inspired by Ashley’s comic, we recall monsters like Jaws, The Thing, Godzilla, the Loch Ness monster, and many more. Let us know who or what we forgot on Facebook and Twitter.

We then give our attention to Ashley to talk about her comic Velthaneus running on Indiegogo until Sept. 14th. Velthaneus is a zany cartoon filled with character emotions as intense as their physical proportions. Thane’s strong. REALLY STRONG. Stomping monsters and parkouring through the Terapin strata, he goes unmatched. But he’s a prisoner without the one in charge of his sex drive and FIGHTING SPIRIT...The id. Regaining his id means reclaiming freedom, and Thane will be damned if he rots away in the pit depths.

Life is about making the big bucks, getting laid, or becoming the world‘s next MEGALOMANIAC! Consider the challenges conquered, so long as he beats the sensual orderly on duty. Will Thane resist the Romancer? Go to her indiegogo page to back this project and get your copy!


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