Ep. 335: The Future And Lyaxia

We welcome comic creator Aron Pohara to the show this week to first help us take a look at the future in the Retro Roundtable. Pop Culture has shown us so many different looks at the future of humanity. Some very pleasant, and some simply horrifying! Let us know your favorite depiction of the future on Facebook and Twitter!

We then turn our attention over to Aron to talk more about his Kickstarter, running until March 15th, for issue #3 of The Book of Lyaxia. The Book of Lyaxia is a story of Gods. It's also a story about family, betrayal, love, destiny and above all choices that are presented to us. It follows two brothers that are trying to end the eternal war that was going on between the warring families for eons.

Nexus however is not a place that forgives quickly and is not a place where the change can come easily. What choice is there left to make if there are no right ones presented?! This is a story of Chronos and Deimos. This is Mythology, Reimagined!

Don’t miss you chance to back this project!


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