Ep. 337: Fiction Sportz And BallMastrz

Inspired by this weeks guest, we start the episode by taking a look at fictional sports from throughout pop culture in this weeks Retro Roundtable! We look at movies like Basketball, shows like Futurama, and even look to the Star Wars and Star Trek universes for sports and games unknown to the common man. Let us know what we forgot on Twitter and Facebook.

We are then joined by creator, animator, actor and musician Christy Karacas. We talk with Kristy about his time at MTV working on Daria, how he got his start at Adult Swim, and the inspiration for his show BallMastrz 9009, which just had its second season premiere Feb. 23. Check out new episodes Sundays at 12:00am and 12:15am until March 22 on Adult Swim!

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