Ep. 342: Memes, Mane, And Juice

We welcome rapper Juicy Mane aka "Chill Neil" and manager/producer Phil Buck to the show to first help us recall our favorite memes in our Retro Roundtable. We look at the comedy people have been able to make using images of Grumpy Cat, the crazy hair Ancient Alien guy, Sponge Bob, and many more. Let us know your favorites on Facebook and Twitter!

Then we turn our attention to Chill Neil and Phil to talk about the Kickstarter running until April 22 for the vinyl pressing of the latest album “From The Juice And Within The Juice”. MANE! Legend has it Juicy Mane was never born. The earliest witness accounts place him stepping off a bus on Beale Street hollering for a man named Phil. Shouts of "Ayy Pheel" along with numerous malapropisms first marked the appearance of "Chill Neil" on the now defunct video looping app: Vine. Social media helped to swell Neil's ego to the point he took on the pseudonym Juicy Mane and began producing "meme rap." First making his mark with "The McMix Tape," Juicy Mane gained a following for his southern hip-hop mashed-up with video game sounding beats and raps about "flem flies" and "McCrumgets." Now, Juicy Mane is releasing his first full length record on vinyl expounding on subjects from the deliciousness smoked almonds and ranch dressing to the deep musings about the need to stay hydrated and becoming "woke." Back this project here: Kickstarter


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