Ep. 356" The Con Guys Dot Com

We have a full house this week as we welcome the hosts from ThConGuy.com, Jim Frye, Luke Cheeseman, and Ben Kliewer to the show! We first go around sharing some our our favorite and least favorite finds or experiences at conventions. Many interesting stories await in this Retro Roundtable. Let us know your favorite, or least favorite, experiences on Facebook and Twitter!

Then we turn our attention over to Jim, Luke, and Ben to discuss everything that their website has to offer. These guys stay busy, not only recording an audio podcast, but a video one as well, on top of doing live shows! If you ever need to know how to prepare for a con, or just want to con experience from home, head to TheConGuy.com!

@ConGuyJim @CheeseonCouch @ConGuyLuke @BenKliewer

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