Ep. 366: Halloween 2020!

Happy Halloween everyone and welcome to our annual Halloween Special!

This year we start by telling creepy stories and experiences we’ve had, a look at some cryptids Ohio has to offer, and the true story of Sawney Bean that inspired Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes.

Our first guest of the episode is actor Aaron Dalla Villa of the Hulu horror films PLEDGE and Trick. Aaron is an actor who stays as busy as he can, which shows on his IMDB page. He’s also been in the series Duels and made an appearance on Gotham. Be sure to check him out at AaronDallaVilla.com!


After that we welcome actress and singer Suze Lanier-Bramlett to share her experiences making The Hills Have Eyes and it’s impact on her life, her late husband, and her music career. An amazing talent and an amazing conversation! Check her out on IMDB!


Then we are joined by C.J. Graham, the man who portrayed Jason Voorhees to life in Friday The 13th VI: Jason Lives, as well as Elias Voorhees (Jason’s father) in the crowd funded film Friday The 13th: Vengeance. C.J. tells how he became Jason, what it takes to portray Jason, and how some of those amazing scenes were filmed. Check out C.J. at JasonVI.com!


We then top the episode by trying some candy and snacks that Randy brought along with him, but there’s a catch….

Don’t miss this episode, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

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