Ep. 370: Vocal Recall With Neil Ross

We welcome legendary voice over actor Neil Ross to the show to first help us recall some of our favorite henchmen in our Retro Roundtable! We look at examples like Starscream, Oddjob, monkeys with wings, and more. Let us know your favorites on Facebook and Twitter!

Then we turn our attention to Neil to discuss his amazing career in voice over, as well as his book Vocal Recall; A Life in Radio and Voice Overs. How does a kid who survives the rain of V-2 rockets on London in the waning years of World War II end up in Hollywood announcing the diamond jubilee of Oscar? Veteran Hollywood voice actor Neil Ross tells the amazing story of his life, and 50-plus-year career, in two exciting, highly competitive professions in his autobiography: Vocal Recall; A Life in Radio and Voice Overs.

We go over Neil’s book, his breaking into the VO business in the early 80’s, the amazing talent he’s worked with, and the amazing characters he’s brought to life through his own talent. Don’t miss this one!

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