Ep. 378: Gutting The Sacred Cow

We welcome back comedian Kevin Gootee this week to first help us remember some of the worst moments of 2020 in our Retro Roundtable! Lots to choose from, and we don’t go for the low hanging fruit either. Let us know your picks!

Then we turn our attention to Kevin to follow up on his Amazon Prime show Comics Watching Comics, as well as his podcast with Kevin Israel, Gutting The Sacred Cow. Gutting the Sacred Cow is hosted by Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel, two standup comedians who are film snobs that invite fellow comedians and podcasters to select movies they find overrated or HATE. But here’s the catch: the film they select MUST meet 1 of 3 criteria: financially successful, widely beloved, or critically acclaimed. Tell me that doesn’t sound awesome!

KevinGootee.com GuttingTheSacredCow.com @GuttingTheSacredCowPodcast @ComicsWatchingComics

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