Ep. 397: The Cutthroat of Summer

We welcome writer and CEO of Cutthroat Comics Josh Nealis to the show to first help us remember the times we’ve seen summer vacation depicted in movies, television, and comics! Now, I don’t know where we went wrong, but it seems the topic wasn’t clear across the group. As a result, we get one of the BEST Retro Roundtables we’ve had in a long time!

Then we talk with Josh about his career as a writer and how he started Cutthroat Comics and Publishing. Described as "Ohio's most offbeat publisher of comics and books since 2015”, Cutthroat Comics offers novels, comics, and children's books.

Check it out at CutthroatComics.com!

Twitter: @CutthroatComics

Insta: @Cutthroat_Comics

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