Ep. 398: Trading Card Paradoxes

We welcome Frank Martin back to the show this week to first help us recall our most memorable trading cards in the Retro Roundtable! Jeramy pulls out his collection of cards from childhood and the group digs in. Let us know your favorites on Twitter and Facebook!

Then we turn our attention to Frank to talk about his Kickstarter for The Polar Paradox Part 2, running on Kickstarter until July 6th! Antarctica. One of the last frontiers in the world. And that's just above the surface. Deep below the ocean ice is an unexplored alien world unlike anywhere else on the planet. It's a place so incredible no scientist could resist...until a research team goes missing and a trio of elite divers are sent in to rescue them. Their mission is dangerous. Down right impossible. And will uncover a mystery that could unravel the Earth as we know it. In the second part of the story,Elite rescue divers continue their search for missing scientists in a cave system under Antarctica in part 2 of this 2-issue story .

Don’t miss your chance to back this project!




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