Episode 351: We're Back with the Good, Bad, and Austin!

We return from our hiatus this week and welcome Austin Hamblin back to the show to first help us remember some of the best and worst graphics we’ve ever seen in our Retro Roundtable.

Special effect have come along way in the past few years. But, there have been some movies in the past that have completely dropped the ball. For some there is an excuse, but for some? NO EXCUSE IS ACCEPTED. Take for example The Mummy Returns, specifically The Rocks character. You know the one, his picture in right above this paragraph. How could they say, "Yup! He looks great! Print it!", it's more like they ran out of time and were like, "That'll do Pig, that'll do". But we digress.

If you have listened to previous Episodes, we have regaled the Jurassic Park movies for their effects. Even thought the third one was crap, the digital effects were still amazing! Sure maybe they had a bigger budget, but still, own your craftsmanship!

We aslo look at movies like Mars Attacks, Star Wars (all of them), Pacific Rim and many more. Let us know your picks on Facebook and Twitter!

Then we turn our attention over to Austin to discuss everything he has happening at HamblinComics.com. Currently Austin has 29 published credits for writing comics. Best known for The Adventures of Punk and Rock and The Headless Hitman. In the past Austin interned for Devil's Due/First Comics and has a new story coming out in October 7th in an Image title called Stairway Anthology. Check it out!

@AustinAHamblin @StumpyHam

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