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Ep. 130: The Real Kramer

May 27, 2016

          Remember that awesome show about nothing? We do, and to this day still watch it anytime it comes on. The world stands still until the next 30 mins are up and we are rolling on the floor crying with laughter.  Nothing has come close to 'Seinfeld' since it ended. No characters that lived next door to any other main show characters have come around that could even come close to being as hilarious as Cosmo Kramer. Have you ever wondered where the thought of someone like him came from? Well, this week we will answer that question.


    Our guest  for this episode is Kenny Kramer.  Kenny  is the honest to god inspiration to the Kramer we knew and loved from the beloved sitcom.  Writer/Creator/Actor Larry David who was one of the creators of 'Seinfeld' actually lived across the hall from Kenny. Kinda like how Jerry lived across from Kramer.  It was funny to hear that the roles were actually reversed, Kenny was a grounded guy and across the hall lived the guy that always came over and ate all the food.  


  Kenny is also the founder of 'Kramer's Reality Tour'. In the tour, he begins making you laugh with some of his stand-up comedy, then takes you on a bus through New York where you will see many of the areas from the 'Seinfeld' TV show.  The TV show parodied the tour when Cosmo Kramer did the same type of thing, but entitled it 'The Petermen Reality Tour'. This will be the 20th anniversary of 'Kramer's Reality Tour',  so if your ever going to spend some time in good old NY, this is a must do.  Make sure to book early as the tour fills up quickly. 



If you go to his website, you can purchase the 'Kramer's Reality Tour' on DVD. The DVD runs $29.95 (that includes tax/shipping & handling), but with Kenny's exclusive Canned Air offer you can purchase it for only $15 (that also includes tax/shipping & handling), all you have to do is type "Charge me the tour price as per KK's offer on The Canned Air Podcast" in the comment section. What a guy!! Thank you again Kenny for a great opportunity. To see more about Mr. Kramer, check out the links below.




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