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Ep. 174: Singing with Bob Salley

March 11, 2017


    Welcome to another installment of Canned Air's T.V. Theme Song Karaoke! We welcome Bob Salley back to the show to once again remember our favorite t.v. theme songs by butchering each of them with karaoke! If we didn’t cover your favorite in episode #110, then perhaps we sing it in this episode.








Then we talk with Bob about his Kickstarter for Shelter Division: The Beginning, running until March 15th. Emrik Chaplin in an investigator for a government agency known as Shelter Division. He and his “Bigfoot” looking partner Biggs investigate a robbery that leads them into some “weird $#!+.” It’s a case full of brutal crimes and other dimensions. Don’t miss your chance to back this project, and thank you for being a friend!


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