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Ep. 289: The 60's and Firefighters

March 30, 2019

    Brian E Lau returns this week to first help us remember 60’s pop culture in our Retro Roundtable! Continuing our look at pop culture through the decades, we discuss the birth of Barbie, the television shows of the era, The Beatles influence, and if we actually ever landed on the moon. Let us know you favorite product of the 60’s on Facebook and Twitter!

    Then we turn our attention to Brian to discuss his comic, Inferno City Firehouse. Inferno City Firehouse is a 70-page, black-and-white original graphic novel that takes you inside the lives of real Detroit firefighters. True stories fused together with fiction into a breathtaking narrative! Head over to StaunchAmbition.com to check out more!






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September 19, 2019

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