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Jason Card

Yellowknife, Canada

An evacuation order came on Monday evening for Behchokǫ̀, N.W.T., Jason Card of Yellowknife sprang into action.

"I didn't know if any anybody had decided to go out and help with any animal rescues," he recalled. 


Jason hopped in his truck, came to the SPCA, got as many kennels as he could and just headed out the highway."

Card — along with his teenage child and 80-year-old stepfather — made it to Behchokǫ at about 8 p.m. that night and quickly had a truck full of animals to bring to safety in Yellowknife. 

"Literally as soon as we got into town and people heard that we were rescuing dogs, we had people coming up to us asking us to get the dogs and if we had room. We filled every kennel that we had," he said. 

After completing that first delivery to Yellowknife, they turned around and drove back to Behchokǫ to look for another load of pets.


It was about 5 a.m. when they got back to Yellowknife the second time.

After a few hours of sleep they headed back to Behchokǫ again, this time with a borrowed cube van and more kennels. Once they got there, Highway 3 closed — forcing them to divert to Hay River for the night and figure out how many animals they could get on a plane to Yellowknife.

Nice work Jason!

Randy Tompkins

Dixon, Illinios

Dash-cam video from the Dixon P.D., shows a car crossing multiple lanes of traffic at an intersection, forcing other drivers to come to stop.

The police then followed the vehicle as it drives into on coming traffic slowly. 
Randy Tompkins, jumps into action.  Putting his truck in reverse, to get ahead of the car. Then gets out of his truck and sprints to the car and jumps into the passenger window and puts the car into park. 

The driver of the vehicle was found to be having a seizure.”
The officers said he looked like a character from the show “Dukes Of Hazards” when he jumped into the car.

No word on the person driving the car.

Clayton Cook

Kitchener, Canada

He had just gotten married and was getting some wedding photos taken with his wife on a bridge over a lake in a park.

Then he noticed something.

A child had fallen into the water and seemed to be drowning. The suited-up groom ran off the bridge and jumped in and grabbed the boy by the forearm and pulled him to safety.

After the rescue, Clayton Cook didn't even change out of his soaking suit.

Austin Goddard

Cincinnati, Ohio

Austin was cleaning a table at Skyline Chili when a man collapsed while eating, 
Austin says he ran to the man and started performing CPR. The man was later rushed to a hospital.

A few days later, the man’s family came back to the restaurant with a photo of him smiling in his hospital bed in front of a tray of chili.

Austin says he’s just glad he was able to save a life. Last year, all of the students in his 10th-grade class at South Ripley High School in Indiana were certified in CPR.

Ryan Ciampoli

Harrison, Ar

Ryan, who is a trained emergency medical technician, ran to a little girl's rescue after her terrifying tumble out of the back of a moving bus in the middle of a busy highway. His vehicle is fitted with a dash cam that recorded the incident because he sometimes uses it when on duty.

He picked her off the hot pavement and moved her off the busy road while waiting on emergency medical services. The little girl is recovering at the hospital. She suffered a broken jaw and will undergo surgery.

Kristina Buhrman

Polk County, FL

Kristina was filling in for a bus driver and bringing middle school students to their school when the back of her bus caught fire.

When she saw smoke coming from the back of the vehicle, she initially thought there was an exhaust issue.
Once a child had said that there was smoke coming out from under a seat, She stopped the bus and led the group of students outside and across a drainage ditch while calling 911. 

The bus was engulfed in flames shortly after. She said "I was calm the entire time"
“Every kid got off the bus saying, ‘Thank you.’”

Josh Johnston

Blount County, LA

There is a road in Louisiana called "The Dragon".

Josh Johnston frequently rides this road, but a trip two weekends ago was out of the ordinary.
A man and woman pulled up on a bike and said they heard somebody hollering.

Josh looked down the ravine to see if he could find anyone and saw guy down there, but he was just looking at him with this blank stare. He wasn’t saying anything or moving. Josh then started the dangerous climb down to help.

Philip Polito was killed when he slowed down and was hit from behind by his friend Kevin Diepenbrock’s bike and they both went off the road and down into a ravine.
Kevin had 12 broken ribs and a total of 17 breaks, some of which are hairline fractures on his spine, two punctured lungs, bruises and scratches.

Kevin, recorded cell phone videos for his loved ones, not knowing if he’d ever see them again. 

He was there for 30 hours, yelling for help and sharing tons of other motorcycles drive by
It was hard for rescuers to get there and there was no cell service. Johnston’s friend, still on the highway, called Blount County rescue crews to pull Diepenbrock out.

Josh said he was in a flight or fight mode. Only thing he could think of was get him out of there no matter what.

Keith Mizer

North Carolina

When driving away from Duke University Hospital one afternoon last week Keith noticed something unusual. 
A security guard was running along the sidewalk. A bit farther ahead a Duke police officer was running, too.
Keith was in North Carolina because his 1-year-old daughter had received a cord blood transplant there, 
He pulled over and offered to help.

The policeman climbed into his minivan and they tracked down a man who had apparently fled from the hospital and was up the road trying to catch a bus. They spot a guy in hospital scrubs and no shoes and the cop says, ‘That’s him,’”

Keith cut across two traffic lanes, opened the door and said, ‘Go get him, officer.’” Keith, who is a longtime bartender, played football, and wrestled stuck around to watch. Before long he realized he had to jump in.
The scrubs guy got the cop pinned down pretty good, and Keith didn’t know if he was going to go for the (officer’s) gun.”

So he pulled the man off the officer and held him down until more police arrived.
Chief of Police presented him with a challenge coin— a military medallion awarded for special achievements — and a letter of thanks.


David Phung

Baton Rouge, LA

During the flooding of Louisiana, three men on a boat were trying to break into a red convertible as it sank into the floodwater to save a stranded woman.
David jumped into the water and pulled out the woman just as the car disappeared into the murky water. 
Safely out of the car the woman begs David to find her dog, which is still in the car. Phung dives under water and emerges with the dog. 
All three survived unharmed and were able to get to safety.

Click the photo to see his heroism!

Robert Borba

Eagle Point, OR

Robert is a champion bull rider and was the local Wal-Mart getting some dog food. 
On his way back to his truck, he heard a woman yelling, “Stop him he stole my bike!”
Instead of watching the thief ride off, he grabbed his horse from the trailer attached to his truck and took off after him. 
He lassoed the thief with his the rope and held him till the police came.
“Stealing ain’t right so I figured I’d get him stopped you know?” 
Robert is being called the "Lone Ranger of Oregon"

Leah and Joel Woodwards

Boulder, MT

    Leah and her husband Joel were driving on an icy road in Idaho when they saw two vehicle hit head on. They stopped an ran to the car and found a mother and her son. Brandy and Killian (4 yrs old)

    Joel broke the window to help the two but Brandy was pinned inside the car, Leah was able to get Joel out of the car and cradled him stabilizing his head for 30 mins until help arrived. Killian turned out to be internally decapitated. His skull was nearly detached from the spinal column. It took about 1.5 hours to get Brandy free fromt he wreckage. Killian turned out to be clinicaly decapitated.

    They both are OK, Killian wont need surgery thanks to Leah holding his head still. Brandy is banged up but but looks to be doing fine. There is a Go-Fund-Me page to help with Dr bills.

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